Down with the program since 1982. First it was all about b-boying but in 1985 he started to focus more on the music. As P.A.R.A. noid (P.A.R.A. stands for Pugnacious Anti Racist & Audible) he starts to write his own lyrics and made his first attempts to rock the turntables. In the meanwhile he starts buying records like hiphop but also the originals in funk and soul. He buys himself a 4 track recorder and a drum machine and starts to produce hiphop tracks... Years later the little fanatic changes his name into MistaSweet by an idea from his Swotteam team colleague Knowledge.

In 1996 MistaSweet moves to The Hague/Den Haag (a city on the west coast of The Netherlands) and hooks up with local heroes to organise parties and jams so he can display his records and skills in his new area. He is known as a crate digger and makes streetfame by supplying bboys with rare grooves, funk and uptempo beats and rap-fanatics with the latest sounds that he brings back from his journeys to New York City. Sweet starts to throw down the notorious Bomb The Planet parties. These parties are famous for their connection with graffiti (bombing) and the relaxed atmosphere of underground hiphop lovers who get fed by DJs such as Cutnice, Special O, DBS, Extraa, Knowledge and of course MistaSweet himself.

Due to his vinyl collection of b-boy beats and rare grooves he is asked to play on big bboy events such as International Breakdance Event (IBE 1999-2005), Autumn Madness, North Sea Jam, Jammin On Beat and Dutch Bboy Championships but also countless other (mostly smaller) jams. Internationally he has been getting down with his vinyl in Norway, Aruba (Got Moves?!), Czech Republic (Hiphop Kemp), France (University Battle Contest), Ukraine (Yalta Summer Jam & Z-Games), Germany (Jammin On Beat), Belgium (Raw Circles, Battle Of Honour and Unbreakable for several times), Russia (Kazan Open, Personality Battle & Space Cyphers). MistaSweet is the resident DJ for events like Yalta Summer Jam, Evolution (USA) and Soul On Top (CH).
His origin as a b-boy and love for turntablism and scratching makes him one of the finest b-boy DJs of Holland and gets him to play his beats and breaks on the bigger b-boy events of the world. Also known for his old and new school hiphop he plays at various parties and concerts. Aside from that his funk/soul and dance classics collection allows him to play at very various types of parties. Recently MistaSweet joined forces with long time friends and like minded hiphop lovers DJ Smirnoff (Russia) and Scream (Ukraine) and together they are the crew 3S.

Originality is one of the main things when MistaSweet plays. He stands out by using classics, original stuff, self produced beats and mixes it up in a fresh way using his scratching and mixing skills with the right dosage.
Another point what makes MistaSweet almost unique in the game is his loyalty to vinyl, he brings his wax in stead of a book of cd's or a computer!
One thing is for sure: MistaSweet rocks your party or jam with his skills and beats like no other!
Contact: mistasweet@swotteam.nl

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